New Bride Hair Styles 2011 - 2012

Obviously in the summer, after the ceremony, the finishing touch is to apply a fresh flower on your hair . So you can give a unique touch to your outfit. Much of fashion is also semiraccolto , for a touch of class and a wife who loves soft hairstyles and trendy.

Always remember that the key thing is that your hair is comfortable and reflects your personality. Another very popular hair style is undoubtedly the braid : it can also be rolled up on itself to create a beautifulbun , very chic and trendy . The braids can also become leaders in your hair, especially if you have a romantic dress. And for those with short hair ? Do not worry, you obviously do not give up your femininity in this case, perhaps wearing the veil could be a little ‘difficult but you can compensate with a small circle with a short veil.