Choose The Best Wedding Accessories

 Choose The Best Wedding Accessories

The accessories for the bride are many, but three key ones are: veil, gloves and hat. They are all optional, which makes them so the icing on the cake to give a special touch to your look. But with that logic you choose? Do not depend, in fact, only the type of dress , but also the time at which it takes place, the type of clothing (formal or casual) and the physical structure of the Bride (high, small, plump or skinny). Let’s see the advice to choose consciously, perhaps even paying attention to some rule of etiquette .

The veil

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Undoubtedly the ‘ accessory most used, although in recent years is a bit ‘out of fashion. You can usually choose between the classic long or the shorter.What should be done long in proportion to the structure of the bride and should be integrated into a ‘ hair . It is the symbol of chastity of women, in fact, enter into the church covered and is revealed when it gets to the altar. It is a way to offer to her husband. As for the reception , the long one is certainly more suited to the afternoon / evening, while the short one in the morning. In addition, it is perfect with shorts and light clothing.


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 What a chic! The gloves are really indispensable, even if they are not at all obligatory. If you are tiny, I would avoid wearing long ones or your figure may not be slender. You can choose between the wrist and short (very young and I would say perfect for a vintage style ), or long to the elbow, ideal for strapless dresses. They are very demanding, but make their figure. There are also many different fabrics, from silk to lace, organza with satin ones. The choice is yours, of course, keep in mind the type of dress and then the season: you will not want to die of heat in summer?

The hat

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The hat is an accessory complex, chosen by a few brides and difficult to bear.Again I would say that that should be avoided by wide-brimmed tiny girls.Remember you should never be worn in church, during the ceremony , and gets only the morning before 12. There are, like gloves, different models: one on the bonnet, which I find very retro , and not desirable to the present day, the veil, but that is delicious, the wide brim. Who wants to have fun can use whatever color, perhaps in conjunction with shoes. I would say that a fun choice.