Use of Ubtan for enhancing beauty

Use of  Ubtan for enhancing beauty

The tradition of augmenting the charms of beauty with ubtan is coming since ages till date.

Method of preparing Ubtan

The liquid component of a good ubtan should possess the following characteristics:-

So as to catch hold of dirt sticking on the surfaces of skin, rough liquid is the first necessity. Therefore, the chief constituent of liquid should be taken of such item as the oat flour or gram flour etc.
There must be some grease providing substance to skin for which cream, dried milk powder or different types of oil are used.
The substances providing moisture to skin are also needed for the sake of which honey, glycerine, pulp of papaya etc are essential.
To rake up the colour of skin is one of the chief role of Ubtan for which, tamarind, peels of orange, lemon juice or curd are made use of. Benefits of Ubtan

Ubtan plays an important role in removing the dead cells of skin and its dryness. Blood circulation increases. Newer cells begin within skin with a fast pace.
Tautness comes off and skin doesn't droop down.
The dirt and dust sticking on skin get cleansed off. Which do not clear off with soaps for example, blacks of dirt accumulated on joints of legs and hands goes away with ubtan and with nothing else.
The fine hair growths on skin get cleared off with ubtan making it soft slippery and shinningUbtatan occupies a very prominent place in the world of cosmetics for gaining the grace of beauty by enhancing the shinning of your skin.