Celebrities Bangs Hairstyle Summer 2011

Join the trend of the moment: the hairstyles with bangs. Give your hair another spirit with rejuvenating cuts.

In the modern world of trends, if something is repeated, you have to keep track. We dazzled the hair with bangs and hair ultra short a Emma Watson, naive and rebellious at the same time, the bangs a playful Katy Perry to pin-up hairstyle and bangs a seductive and fashion icon Kate Moss. The fringe suggests ways, and the hairstyles with bangs, plus front cover too broad and elongated faces, are a trick antiaging infallible image subtract years.

The deployment often this season, we’ve seen on the catwalk and all over swanky soirees. Now decipher keys bangs for this summer 2011 and experts, we clarify how we carry it. 

Penelope Cruz splendid looks after her first pregnancy, we were surprised at the Première Pirates of the Caribbean with a voluminous collected , a 50's style hair topped by a playful bangs that he thanked his face.

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin also gains in sweetness with ultra-short hair and bangs parade covers a small part of his forehead.

Fringe version of ‘extra long‘ and square as they send the royalties. Actress Hilary Duff plays with the reflections in different shades to give vigor and grace to the mane.

Taylor Swift’s Hairstyle with bangs in Classic and populated with ultra long hair in various shades of blond, angelic image plus childish.

Katy Perry Celebrities Bangs Hairstyle Summer 2011 Celebrities Bangs Hairstyle Summer 2011

In the pin-up , Katy Perry looks half finished off by a village hair bangs short square that frames her face perfectly. Is the touch of glam? The eyelashes and eyebrows well drawn.

Ultra seductive and natural, Kate Moss plays with long hair and very enlightened and bangs getting an extra square of sweetness in his image. A perfect resource for the most marked features.

What do the experts? The prestigious Alberto Cerdan bet all measures of hair , from short to long. The manes are working on average very straight lines on the sides keeping the bangs elongated as traveling companions. Soft, straight, elongated upper and extremely long bangs that give the possibility of many finishes.

 The short hair is a benchmark bangs long and paraded in front with neck contrast to the “garçon“. As a counterpoint, suggests makeup clear almost transparent and intense lips wide range of red fruits.

The trend ‘boyfriend’ passing the pants to the fringe! Copies looks more masculine and plant them this summer. Only suitable for ultra limp hair and bright. How to get it? With a smooth fiber shampoo and conditioner adds shine and a no-rinse to keep the results longer, as the range Gliss Smooth-Silk.

Do you roll yours is the villain? Opt for toupees air with a volume rocker, get hold of gel and hairspray extra strong and lift your hair to the higher echelons of style.